on Magento 2 with Klaviyo ext., do I need to disable standard magento newsletter?

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Hi! On my install, I have enabled the Klaviyo extention. Do I now need to disable the standard M2 newsletter in Customers - Newsletter or does Klaviyo take over that?


Use Klaviyo opt-in setting for this list is set to “Yes”



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Hi @moorka,

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Klavyo will override default Magento 2 configs and you should use Klaviyo as the source of truth. For example, if you have the need to confirm off on Magento 2, but still have double-opt-in enabled on your Klaviyo lists, customers will still have to confirm their subscription to a Klaviyo list.

If I am understanding correctly, you are looking to connect your Newsletter form to a list in Klaviyo. I would be more than happy to help! Now, in this particular case it is possible to do so automatically. In your Magento 2 integration settings you will see an option to subscribe new customers to Klaviyo


When you click on this option you will begin to see a dropdown of the lists you currently have, you can choose whichever list you would want your users to be placed in. Now do keep in mind that if your list has double opt-in enabled, the user will first need to confirm the opt-in message in order to be added to your list. You can view more ​​on this using this helpful guide: Guide to the Double Opt-In Process

This process syncs all future subscribers. Existing subscribers need to be manually migrated from your Magento list into Klaviyo.


Hope this helped,


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thank you Alex! That clarifies it=)

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Glad I could help!