Please Add Support For Value-Based Meta Custom Audiences

  • 24 January 2024
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Meta (formerly Facebook) has supported and recommended ‘Value-Based Customer Lists’ since 2017. It has been best practice for advertisers ever since, yet Klaviyo still does not support them. Where this was once a ‘new feature’ that Klaviyo doesn’t support - it has gradually matured into being a glaring omission of the Klaviyo x Meta integration.


Put simply, this feature enables audience uploads to feature a ‘Lifetime Value’ column for each customer - so that Meta can create lookalikes weighted towards your most loyal/valuable customers; rather than finding lookalikes of low-value customers, which results in you finding more prospective low-value customers.


Klaviyo has data available to support the ‘value’ column in their Meta audience uploads, but this feature requires their attention and some prioritisation in order to deliver the baseline feature support that empowers the Custom Audiences they create.


Here is some additional documentation:


And a screenshot with a top-line explanation of the feature:



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6 replies

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Hello - can this ticket please be re-opened? It’s not solved.

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This has been marked as ‘Solved’ but it isn’t. Can this ticket please be re-opened?




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Hey Omar,


Yes, I’ve tried the manual method - but it comes with so many compromises (namely, forgoing automatic/frequent updates) that it’s not really scalable. It’s fine as a workaround but, as you say, it would be much better if the dynamic integration was up to date with best practice.

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Hi @JDavis,

The alternative would be to export and use CLV in the export. Dynamically doing this would of course be much better.


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Thanks for the reply Brian. It’s been forwarded to the Product Team quite a few times in the past (I’ve personally flagged it >18 months ago, and several times since then) - but it never seems to get any traction.


As I alluded to in my post; if possible, I’d prefer to reframe this from being a ‘feature’ (implying newness) to being considered part of the general maintenance of keeping the integration up to date. It’s a notable omission in the core functionality of a Meta audience management tool, to the extent that Klaviyo has had to issue a guide to help customers circumvent the integration entirely - presumably due to receiving so many customer enquiries about it. The recommended approach forgoes all of the benefits of the integration (most notably, regular automatic uploads), so it’s not a scalable solution.


If it would be helpful, I’m happy to provide more context on the request and elaborate on the reasons this is so integral to a successful Meta integration / marketing approach.




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Hi @JDavis!

I will definitely forward this to our product team, as I agree it would be a useful feature!