Recharge Transactional Emails with Quick Actions

  • 3 July 2021
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Does anyone have experience setting up transactional emails for Recharge Subscription customers using “quick action” functionality? This seems like a great feature and one I’d love to implement, but I’m confused about how to do it. I’d love help from someone in the community or to see some examples of others who are using it.

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Hi there @SherylBiesman ,

Thanks for posting to the Community and great to hear you’re looking into transactional emails through Recharge!

It is indeed a great feature that I have seen many users implement into their business tools.

To explain, a transactional email is an essential, non-marketing email. Transactional emails are typically sent in response to a purchase or other direct interaction with your brand in which it is imperative that the customer receives a response. Additionally, customers expect these emails and will search for them in their inbox.

In Klaviyo, transactional emails are delivered through flows, as they must be sent in response to an action that the customer took. Additionally, transactional emails are marked on a per-email basis, not a per-flow basis. This means that you may have one email within a flow that is considered a transactional email, while the other emails in the series are considered marketing content. For example, you may have a post-purchase flow in which the first email is a transactional order confirmation, while the subsequent marketing emails are aimed at generating product reviews and cross-selling related products.

You cannot have an entire flow that is deemed transactional, though it is possible to create a flow in which all the emails are transactional.

In order to make a flow message transactional, you first need to create the message or add it from our Flows Library. You can follow our guidelines here to make a flow transactional as well. Once you've edited the flow, please reach out to support to have a closer look at your page to begin the process of making the flow transactional.


Regarding ReCharge and quick actions, I found this documentation that might be of use to you in the future!


Hope this helped and thanks for being a member of our Community!