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  • 31 December 2020
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Hello anyone ever try to send emails to a CRM? 

If i have a popup, how can i send the details to my CRM? 
My CRM is Bigin by Zoho. 
But any CRM have the same problem. 

:negative_squared_cross_mark: Native integration

:negative_squared_cross_mark: Zapier (Or similar) don’t have triguers of new subscriber 




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Hi Luis,


I am a Success Engineer at Klaviyo.  An integration with Zoho exists. The integration currently can sync Leads from Zoho to Klaviyo.

Have you tried integrating using the instructions here?






@klaviyojad, but Zoho CRM and Zoho Bigin are 2 different products. 

How can you connect with a CRM that doesn’t have native integration? 
The Klaviyo API don’t have triggers? 
How can I take out my contacts for the sales team? 


Thanks for the help. 

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@luisdiogo Klaviyo currently integrates only with Zoho CRM.  We only sync Leads at the moment, its on the roadmap to sync Contacts. Which customer is this for?


Could you elaborate on what you mean by triggers?

@klaviyojad but with that, I'm only able to work with Zoho CRM!  (There are a million other solutions).

If I have a Zapier connection I can pass the native integration. But Klaviyo only have 1 trigger “New event” . 

I’m working with 3 clients B2B (Not ecom), they have a worpress website. 
If i want to use the klaviyo forms or popups i can’t send that info to the sales team. 

Klaviyo (Popup) > X 

My only option is to do this with zapier: 
Wordpress > Klaviyo > CRM 
But i will lose all the capability of klaviyo! 

This make no sense. How B2B business will monetize with Klaviyo?
They convert through sales team. 

Look to Mailchimp and ActiveCampagin : 



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@luisdiogo Klaviyo is not responsible for the Zapier integration.  The Zapier integration implements public klaviyo api calls documented here


You mention WordPress, there exists a native integration described here and leverages Klaviyo Forms too.


Let me know if you have any other questions.



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@klaviyojad The “New Event” Action in Zapier is the Action you want to use.  All actions that happen in Klaviyo occur through “Events” - including the “Subscribe” event.  Since you just want the subscribers, use a “Zapier Filter Action” to look for events that starts with “Subscribed” so other events are ignored.

See here:



Then map the appropriate fields (e.g. email address, etc) to whatever CRM/Tool that integrates with Zapier.

Hope this helps!