Squarespace cart to my Klaviyo Integration

  • 16 February 2021
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I am in need of help tying my Squarespace cart to my Klaviyo account so I can setup an abandoned cart workflow. Can I integrate through custom code, or do I need an api provider like Zapier? Willing to pay someone to assist me as I am running into time constraints. Thank you!



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Hi there,

If SquareSpace provides an API which allows you to access cart data, you could certainly send that data to Klaviyo via API. However, I am not under the impression that SquareSpace’s APIs provide a way to programmatically access abandoned cart data. You can find SquareSpace’s API documentation here.

Zapier does have a SquareSpace integration; however, the following seems to be the only trigger supported by Zapier. You may also find this page useful.



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Hello, just double-checking if I understand correctly. If I integrate my SquareSpace with Klaviyo through Zapier, I’m I going to be able to enable these flows at all?: Welcome, Cart Abandon, Browse Abandon, Added to cart and Post Purchase? D: Please help 

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Hi @beremica


Welcome to the Community Forum, we are so glad to have you here! Thank you for submitting your first post, we look forward to being a valuable resource and community for you! 


Yes, you will be able to integrate your SquareSpace with Klaviyo through Zapier. You can find out all the details on how to Build Out a Custom Integration with Klaviyo through this Help Center Article. This article will explain how to build out custom metrics through installing code on your website that will sync key information like:

  • Customer data
  • Subscribers
  • Website activity
  • Order activity

Enabling this will allow you to create the Flows you mention above! It is important to note that while you are fully able to build out these Flows, you will not be able to use our default, ‘out-of-the-box’ Flows since they are integration specific. However, you are fully able to use them as a reference/template in making your own! These Help Center articles on Creating an Abandon Cart Flow,  Welcome Series, and Browse Abandonment Flow will help get you started!


Additionally, this article, Custom Integration FAQ, be a help in the future on understanding all that comes with a custom integration! 


Thanks for being a part of this Community! Happy to have you!




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Hi there. I am looking for someone who I can hire to setup the custom integration between squarespace and klaviyo. Please reach out to if you are interested or know someone who can help.