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  • 22 May 2021
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I’d like to use metrics from shopify and from an other shop. For this second shop I use the API to add metrics such as Placed Order.

I have two questions : 

  • For the moment, I have two differents placed Order. The one create by the API, and the one with the Shopify logo. When I list the metrics via an API Call, I have two differents metrics with different ID. Is it possible to have only one placed Order type ?
  • Shopify add a Metrics “Revenue”. But it doesn’t appaer ine the timeline. It seems to be a variable which change after each order to get the total revenue. And I can’t find it in the list of metrics in my API Call. So it is somethink special ? And how can I do to include also the order which come from the other shop, using the API ?

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Hello @vrdeveloppement,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

Since both the Shopify Placed Order event and the custom API Placed Order event are two separate events, they would each be assigned their own metric IDs. Should you only wish to have one singular Placed Order type as opposed of two, I would recommend, instead of using Klaviyo’s direct integration with Shopify, to build your own custom connection to Shopify. By using a custom built integration, you can push the Placed Order events from your Shopify store and this alternative store you have to Klaviyo as a singular custom Placed Order event. Because this would now be a singular custom event, it would be assigned its own Metric ID when calling for these events. If you were interested in this option, I would recommend taking a look into the following articles we offer on this subject:

The Shopify “Revenue” metric is actually a calculation based on the value of your Shopify Placed Order event. Revenue is calculated as the order subtotal plus shipping minus any discount: (order sub-total + shipping) - any discounts as detailed in the Reviewing Your Shopify Data article. Since both your Shopify Placed Order events and your custom API Placed Order event are two separate events, there would not be a way to designated the calculation of “Revenue” based on two metrics. At this time, Klaviyo is only able to calculate revenue based on a singular event. The solution posed prior would also ease this issue and allow you to calculate the revenue off of the custom event which combines your Shopify Placed Order data with your custom Placed Order event. 


Furthermore, Klaviyo is not currently optimized to support more than one ecommerce store per Klaviyo instance. If you have more than one ecommerce store, we recommend you create a separate Klaviyo account for each store in order to streamline data analysis and prevent confusion amongst metrics. Klaviyo does support multi-account access though! This feature allows our clients who own multiple stores to use a singular login credential to access multiple Klaviyo accounts. Using this feature would still allow you to share certain information between the accounts you have access to such as Email Templates and Flows! Along with the Multi-Account User Privileges article, @Julie Hayes actually explained this feature in a similar Community post below: 

Hope this helps!