Unable to access: 403 authorization error

  • 1 May 2021
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I’m trying to integrate my woocommerce shop with klaviyo. I regenerated my access keys and secret and have tried connecting using postman and that works fine. 

The postman URL that i tried is

My shop URL is and my secret and password is in the integration. However i get error 

Unable to access: 403 authorization error


Im not sure how to proceed since all my campaigns are blocked due to this.

 Please assist


Best answer by moizmb 1 May 2021, 13:50

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5 replies

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This is solved. We had to add the Klaviyo user agent to allow access to our api in our firewall settings

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Hello @moizmb,

Thanks for contributing to our Klaviyo Community and sharing that solution! 

Just to add on for other users who may have a similar issue in the future, Klaviyo/1.0 is the user agent request header Klaviyo sends in any outgoing requests. This can be used to make sure that firewalls aren't blocking Klaviyo traffic for the integration.


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Hi there - I have the same issue but I do not understand what the solution suggested is? Can you clarify step to take to fix the issue?

Thank you

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Hi @Cool Cats Cartel


Would love to help shed some clarity on exactly what’s happening here! 


 The 403 authorization error is connected to firewalls you have set up. If you have any type of firewall or protective layer that tries blocking suspicious looking requests, it could be blocking Klaviyo’s integration request which would stop the integration from being created. Since your firewall is potentially blocking our requests, as Klaviyo uses dynamic IPs, we do not provide a range of IPs to our customers. Instead, we recommend whitelisting our user agent, which is 'Klaviyo/1.0'. Whitelisting our user agent will help let your server know that request from Klaviyo can be trustworthy and safe! Thus, allowing your the integration/sync to be complete!


Have a great weekend! 


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Still clear as mud. LOL Whitelist where? Wordfence? cPanel? htaccess? other?