Why is My Catalog not updating from correct source

  • 1 October 2021
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I have Klaviyo integrated with WooCommerce. 

We were previously integrated with our dev site, but have since updated this to be our prod site. However most of the products being synced are still from the dev site, and link to the dev site. 

Also, while some products have been synced from our prod site, not all of them have been synced and some are missing from the catalog in Klaviyo.

How do either delete the products in Klaviyo so that they can be synced properly, or update these products manually so that they point to the right site? What am I missing? 

Thanks in advance!


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Hi @Reverie


Thanks for sharing your question with us! It’s exciting to hear you’ve recently launched your product site. 


If you ever notice your products are linked to an incorrect website or page, it is always a good habit to check your product URLs as some as probably still connected to your dev site. To fix this issue, you could manually inspect your product URLs and correct any that are still attached to your dev site. Another option would be to manually upload your product feed as a CSV with your product site URL to fix the issue in one action. After you have successfully uploaded these products I would then run a historical sync. This will update the data in your account historically to reflect the changes that have been made.


I would also recommend separating your klaviyo account into two and connecting each with a different website, one to the product site and one to the dev site. Once you have done this I would ensure your dev site is fully disconnected to your account that is now only connected to your product site. Klaviyo doesn’t support having multiple accounts on the same website and similarly, attaching the two websites to different accounts can prevent further issues like this from occurring. Having a test account connected only to your dev site could allow you to test and play around with features for your brand! 


Thanks for participating in the Community! 



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Hey @Taylor Tarpley - thanks for the response! 

How do I go about manually updating the URL? I cannot find anywhere within the catalog or within each product that allows me to edit the details of the product. Alternatively, how do I run a historical sync?

I’m not finding any options for these actions, nor can I find the right documentation talking about how to do it.

Thanks in advance! 


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Hi @Reverie


You would manually update the URL by going into the back-end of your website that is hosting the product catalog, not the catalog that is in Klaviyo as we only reflect information that syncs into your account from your website. You wouldn’t find any of our documentation on this as the issue more so pertains to an error in your specific integration’s site, not within Klaviyo itself . 


Additionally, you can run a historical sync on your Woocommerce integrations page in Klaviyo, the button should be at the very bottom! 



I would love to hear from any other users in the Community who have experienced a similar issue and how they resolved the issue as well.