WooCommerce integration's periodic sync has failed

  • 11 February 2021
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We got an error message from Klaviyo saying that our WooCommerce integration's periodic sync has failed. Our data from WooCommerce has stopped updating, which means that our flows are not being triggered.

Has anyone else experienced this? And what did you do to fix it? Any ideas as to what causes this?

(We have contacted Klaviyo support as directed by the error message, but they’ve informed us that they are slow and suggested we ask the Community in the meantime.)


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3 replies

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Hello @CKeast . I took a look at your account and I think I’ve got the syncs working again for you. Let me know if you’re seeing any issues still.

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Thanks, @jallain! It’s working great now and it looks like our flows are being triggered again. Were you able to tell what caused it to happen in the first place? And is there anything we can do to fix it in the future?

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@CKeast it looks like it may have been a firewall issue, are you using Cloudflare? You should be able to list “Klaviyo/1.0” as an acceptable user-agent for all requests to avoid any firewall issues if you are.

You can also attempt to re-connect by clicking the “Update” button on the integration page for the settings without actually re-importing historical data.