WooCommerce product prices of bundled products

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Hi there,

we’re using bundled products in WooCommerce.
Unfortunately the Klaviyo integration doesn’t support these product types and shows the products inside a bundle with no price in the event data.

I would like to hide the products inside a bundle. They have metadata like this:

Is there a way to remove these products if they have “_bundled_by” as metadata?


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Hi @rfariaspoblete!

This is definitely on our Product Team’s radar, so I will update the thread if there are any updates in the future!




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Hi there @SimonK,

Thanks for sharing.


I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but after checking similar cases, I believe this is expected behavior. After doing some investigation into the WooCommerce extension, which pulls in checkout events, I discovered that the current version of the Klaviyo extension for WooCommerce is not currently meant to handle bundled products.  Right now, the extension simply grabs the products in the cart and then rebuilds the cart using these products, which is why you are seeing them split up when we rebuild the cart. 
Could you please confirm if you are using any 3rd party extensions related to the cart or bundled products? The team in charge of the integration is working on an update that would allow the extension to recognize if there are bundled products in the cart and need additional information to make this change.

We do have a request in for our Product Team to enable the Klaviyo Plugin to properly rebuild carts for bundled products so please know that we are aware of this issue! While I don't have an exact ETA on when we can expect this to be completed, I can provide a work-around solution for you in the meantime if you are looking for assistance regarding carts and WooCommerce:

  1. Add a Category "Bundled" to all Bundled Products in WooCommerce
  2. Then, you can use an IF statement in the code to determine IF Categories contains "Bundled" then use the generic cart link, else use the cart rebuild key

We have the following help article to assist you with each of the metrics and the event data in them that is received from WooCommerce: Data Synced with the WooCommerce Integration






Hi there my friends, any news?? about this issue. Tks!!