"Your shopify integration's periodic sync has failed" - fix?

  • 7 March 2021
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I get the above and have no idea how to make it not fail after searching on google, please give advice, thanks.

Background if it matters: I didn’t pay for my shopify store once my 14day free trial was over and waited 20+ days before reactivating my store, maybe this triggered it, nonetheless need a solution.




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3 replies

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Hi @coff001,

If you are now on a paid plan with Shopify, I would recommend trying to re-sync the integration and see if that corrects the error. 

Hope this helps!


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How do I do that?

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hi @coff001 - you can re-sync your Shopify integration by: 

  1. Navigating to your Klaviyo account, then click into your Integrations tab.
  2. Find your Shopify integration and click View Settings.
  3. Toggle a setting, then click the blue Update Shopify Settings button. If you're not logged into your Shopify store you will be redirected to Shopify and prompted to log in.

    When you click to update your integration settings, we will re-authenticate with Shopify and then you will be brought back into Klaviyo. If you click to update, and then click the back button or navigate elsewhere before this authentication process completes, this will cause your integration to get disabled.

  4. A green Settings Updated callout at the top of the page confirms your integration has been updated and is resyncing. This can take up to 1 minute to appear.

The full guide on how to Integrate with Shopify can be found here!