Introducing Klaviyo AI

  • 27 February 2024
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Introducing Klaviyo AI
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Hey Klaviyo Community! We are proud to Introduce Klaviyo AI: Your guide to smarter digital relationships. Klaviyo AI does the thinking and heavy lifting for you, so you can:

  • More accurately predict what customers want (and when) 
  • Work faster and smarter, without all the manual work
  • Put optimization on autopilot 
  • …all so you can drive more revenue for your business

New Product Features:

  • Segments AI: Describe the people you want to reach and Klaviyo will create a segment for you. 
  • Email AI: Type your goals and Klaviyo will design an on-brand email section in seconds.
  • Forms display optimization: AI tests multiple versions of your form to find the highest- converting display time.

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* Features available globally (in English only), for paid accounts


Did you miss the Klaviyo AI webinar?

Not to worry, we have a recording of the event for you to watch here


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5 replies

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Really exciting to see this fully launched as this can really help getting things done more efficiently. I used the segment AI for the first time yesterday and it was a breeze!

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Absolutely love to hear that, @DavidV

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Hi, are these features still rolling out? I am a paid user and I do not seem to have Forms display optimization.

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Hi @Francisco Johannes Yung! Currently, forms optimization is available to accounts with more than 400k profiles.

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Just signed up for the webinar — can’t wait to learn more! 😁