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  • 10 January 2024
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Anyone know where I can find the AI conversation?

Klaviyo is releasing more AI tools each month to make thinking easier for the user, and hopefully it speeds up production time..

I would love to know how many people find these new Klaviyo AI tools helpful for copywriting, design and segmentation, and whether you are client side or agency.



Personally I think the copywriting is good for the subject lines and SMS, however our copywriters use other AI tools, not Klaviyo’s for copy.. but I would use it if I was a client-side email specialist.

The forms optimization AI tool is the most useful AI tool I’ve seen.. looking forward to trialing it soon.

For the segments AI, I find it doesn’t create the best segments currently, and I have to always tweak them + they take a bit of time to load, so it’s sometimes quicker to just create by hand.. I wonder if I’m alone on this, or people are actually having success with Klaviyo segments AI.?

Still haven’t used the Klaviyo I email builder.. looks cool though.

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Hey @Travis! Thanks for bringing this AI conversation to the Klaviyo Community!


You were a little ahead of the curve, but we now have a category dedicated to AI if you’d like to jump into some of the conversations started there. https://community.klaviyo.com/klaviyo-ai-79


I agree with your observations on Klaviyo’s AI capacity for writing subject lines. There’s a cool new analysis feature, that I do really like though. I actually requested the Klaviyo AI team develop this in December, so that made it an especially fun surprise to find while creating a campaign for one of my clients. :D


You could check that out here. 


I hope to see you more in the community!