Adding timestamp to custom profile property

  • 10 January 2024
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I’m creating a campaign that will contain buttons allowing subscribers to self-segment themselves. When they click the button, it will create a specific custom profile property for them. 

Is there any way to have this timestamped? Let me give an example for clarity’s sake.

Let’s say I am asking them to self-segment based on age. They can choose 20, 21 or 22. I’d like this to be timestamped so that in the future, I know if they have a profile property saying age 20 in 2024, they will be age 24 in 2028.


Is there any way to do this?


Thank you!


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Hey @B B 

Thanks for asking this great question about being able to segment by age while keeping the age updated throughout the years.

I’m currently in the process of trying to find a suitable solution for this but am waiting for one of our product experts to share their insight with me so I can provide the best answer for you. I’ll update you by the end of today in this thread!

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Thank you @stephen.trumble


Just following up to see if you were able to get any clarity on this?



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Hi @B B ,


Linking you to a resources about Date and Timestamp formatting for Profile and Event Properties:


Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the link @Pamela-MJ

I’m not a developer though, so I’m not sure if the info in that article applies to what I am trying to do.

Does anyone have any step-by-step instructions for how to have a profile property timestamped?

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Hey @B B 

Sorry for the delayed response.

@Pamela-MJ is correct though, if you want to timestamp a property you will need to work with a developer using the above article to add the timestamp so it is useable. While all properties have a timestamp of when it was added, that data is nested in the event and cant be used dynamically in your marketing. However working with a developer to had the timestamp as a top level point of data will allow you to use it dynamically in your messaging.