After Supressing Profiles - What to do?

  • 13 June 2021
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Follwed the help in Klaviyo to create an unengaged segment. I then moved these profiles to Supressed profiles.

After doing this I noticed around 500 profiles out of the 10,000 are still in the unengaged segment. I repeated the supress action but they are still there. Why would this be and what do I do about it please?



Best answer by marissanunez 13 June 2021, 23:11

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2 replies

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Hi @Funky2021 


Just to clarify, in case anyone else is able to hop in to help from the community, are you including “is not suppressed” in your segment criteria? If so and you’re actively importing them into the suppression list, I’d also make sure there are no errors with the import of just those 500 people.

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Hi @marissanunez Thanks for the reply

Seems it all cleared itself later in the day. Must have been a bit of a lag.

All good noe though.