Automatically add a contact to a list via a signup form

  • 15 November 2023
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Hi all, two questions:

  1. I’m using a shopify restock alert app that emails users when a product comes back in stock. On the form there is also a tick box that allows them to sign up to email marketing. This email is being collected by Klaviyo successfully but doesn’t automatically get stored in my preferred Newsletter list. How would I make this happen? They are being tagged, if this helps in the process.
  2. Also they have the words Never Subscribed in their profile, as they have given consent is there a way this could be fixed?


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Hi @Fink - welcome to the community!

If you’re using a third party app for your Back in Stock alerts, it will depend on the developers of that app to implement those functionalities.  Most apps that integrate with Klaviyo lets you select a List you want subscribers to be subscribed to, and set their marketing consent to “Subscribed.”

Do you mind sharing which app you’re using? Perhaps its in their documentation or buried somewhere in their settings or configuration? 

Also, as a side note, Klaviyo does have Back in Stock functionality that works with Shopify in case you’re not aware.  You can take a look at the installation documentation here:


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HI @Fink thanks for posting in the Klaviyo Community! Without knowing the app you are using - the likely reason your subs are showing as not subscribed is because the consent they have given is implicit - they want to receive emails about Back In Stock items, but they haven’t subscribed to email marketing from you other than those emails. 



Thanks for the replies, the app is Restock Rocket. I have retested this process again today and this time the test contact was added to the correct list and marked as subscribed. I’m not sure why it’s working today but either way I am happy :)