Birthday-Property - Auto-Fill of year of birth when only asked for DD/MM

  • 25 May 2023
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Hey Community / Klaviyo-Team,


during the sign-up process we were asking our customers for their DD and MM of their birth. We weren’t planning on collecting the year of the customer, but have changed our mind since, yet the issue still stands, and maybe others experience it too:


So, the following occurred, when only asking for DD and MM:

When someone signs up the DD and MM of birth are created properly as a property. Yet, the year of birth seems to be automatically set to 2016. Making all our customers (at least in the database) minors which technically limits our legal possibilities to conduct business with them without the expressed consent of the parents or legal guardians.


Does anyone else have the same issue?


Is this something that happens on Klaviyo-side or did I miss a button or option during the creation of the form?

If the automatic fill in of “2016” as birth year happens on Klaviyo side I’d suggest changing that, giving the customers at least the courtesy of adulthood ;)


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Hello @Christian has Questions,

Loving the username and great question!

You didn’t miss anything in the setup. When using a date input field without collecting the year, the default year will be set as 2016. 

I’ll share your feedback with our product team to explore further.

Thanks for being a part of our Klaviyo Community!




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Hey @David To, thanks for this answer! I was also curious about this. 


Can you help me understand why the year is set by default to 2016? Also, why is a default year set in the first place?


I’ve recently started collecting birthday info for some of my clients as a second step in signup forms, and I was expecting people wouldn’t feel comfortable with giving their birth year unless the brand is an alcohol product, where it makes more sense why the birth year would be asked for. So our forms are currently only asking for the month and day.


If there’s further feedback you could send to the product team on my behalf, I’d encourage a solution that doesn’t require the birth year to be submitted. Sometimes people can be wary of giving personal information away in such specific detail, and I wouldn’t want to see birthday custom profile properties to be corrupted for all accounts because the birth year isn’t asked for, or people just don’t submit it because they don’t feel comfortable giving the year as well as the month and day…






@David To 

Thanks for your reply. If given your customers the option just to collect the DD/MM it really needs a solution as @ebusiness pros suggested.

Auto-setting the year to 2016 makes it harder for businesses to switch from DD/MM to a DD/MM/YYYY approach later down the line, because from then on they would have corrupted lists with the old part having a definitely wrong year in the database. That would be a shame, because changing the sign-up form from DD/MM to DD/MM/YYYY takes about 30 seconds, yet the adaption of the lists would take hours/days (if not being impossible altogether).

That in combination with legal inflictions regarding customer age that might occur on inspections should be two good reasons to rethink the current method :)