Bulk Delete Profiles? (Deleted all from lists, but profiles still exist)

  • 4 May 2021
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I am looking to delete all of the profiles in my account. I used the profile maintenance tool ( to delete subscribers from my existing Lists, but I still have hundreds of profiles listed under All of my lists and segments show 0 in the columns, but my account shows me over the profile limit. I’d like to delete them to go back under the limit. 


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Hi @pinupgirl,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community.

If you have enabled one or more of Klaviyo's built-in integrations, contacts will flow into your account through these integrations as an active profile. These individuals may not have opted in via a signup form, but they may have purchased a product from you, opened a support ticket with your team, registered for one of your Eventbrite events, etc. They will be considered active profiles, but will not necessarily qualify as list subscriber or belong to a specific segment.

In order to capture all active profiles in your account, you can create a segment: Properties about someone > email contains @ AND is not suppressed. However, since bulk-deleting does permanently remove all data pertaining to the profile, I recommend bulk-suppressing instead. This action will retain all of the data pertaining to the profile i.e. purchase history and still “de-activate” the profile, meaning these profiles will not count towards your bill after they’ve been suppressed.

Thanks and have a great day.

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Excellent! Thank you.

Will suppressed profiles still receive transactional emails like abandoned cart ?

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Hey @xdoomx,

Oftentimes suppressed profiles will still receive transactional emails with some exceptions, as mentioned in our How to use flows to send transactional emails help center article. 

Suppressed profiles still receive transactional emails

Note that customers that are suppressed still receive transactional emails. There are 3 exceptions to this if the suppression reason was due to the following:
  • Email had 7 consecutive soft bounces.
  • Email had a hard bounce (includes profiles marked as suspicious).
  • The customer previously marked a message as spam.


Additionally, abandoned cart emails are not considered transactional emails as they are considered marketing emails. An example of a transactional email would be a shipping confirmation, order confirmation, or an account creation email.