Can I Bulk Delete Old or Inactive Import Fields?

  • 20 November 2020
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After using several different imports to try out I now have some import fields which I do not want to use. To avoid that these still appear when creating tags or segments, I was wondering if there is a place where you can reset or delete these.

For example.

I have a field called “Klantnummer” and a field called “Klantennummer”. After clearing all my lists and segments, I do not want to use the first (Klantnummer) anymore so I want it gone.

How can I do that ?


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Hi Eddy,

Bulk deletion of profile properties can only be performed by a Klaviyo staff member, so this should only happen when absolutely necessary. If this is the case, reach out to a member of the Klaviyo support team. When you do so, you will be prompted to file a support ticket. In that ticket, list all of the properties that you want to be deleted.



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From a practical perspective, create a segment that includes All of your subscribers.  Export them, and then you should have the “Universe of all fields/values.”  Take the first row that has all the field headings will give you a quick way to enumerate out all the fields that you want to keep (or delete) and copy paste that into a support ticket!