Can I change the unsubscribe link for a segment?

  • 10 August 2023
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I have created a custom hosted page for my unsubscribe link, but I am only able to set this for ‘lists’ (Lists & Segments > Subscribe & Preference Pages > Customize for this list > Edit unsubscribe page > Hosted pages > Select .tmpl)

Is it possible to do the same for SEGMENTS? This is something I am unable to set.



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Hi @Arushi 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community and thank you for the great question!

Short answer is, no. For segments, these use your Klaviyo Account default Unsubscribe or Preference pages. However for lists, these can be customised. 

Here is another community posts where it is discussed if you’d like to see the trail:

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Hello @Arushi,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

@Kylie W is absolutely correct that segments use your Klaviyo account’s default unsubscribe or preference page. 

However, even those account default pages can be edited to be better aligned with your brand. You can do this by navigating to Accounts (bottom left) > Settings > Other > Consent Pages. Here, you’ll find your account default consent pages which are all editable to an extent. 

You can also certainly use your own custom hosted pages if you have that activated as well by clicking on triangle option for most pages. 

I hope this helps!




Thanks @Kylie W and @David To for the responses!
I was not keen to set this unsubscribe page as a default, and discovered that if I convert a segment to a list (snapshot segment) then I can set the customized unsubscribe page just for that list.