Can I create a Segment to include people who have only received specific flow emails?

  • 14 October 2021
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Hi there,

I am building a segment to send emails to the people who have not received any email other than the emails belonging to a specific flow that we’ve setup.


When I go the segment definition screen, I can filter by if someone is not or is in the list, received email how many times etc. but can’t seem to find a filter that says received email “as part of the flow” then enter the flow name.


Any ideas?


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3 replies

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Hi @sunilshah

Welcome to the Community, we are so glad you’re here! 


Unfortunately, you cannot segment off of whether or not someone has been in a Flow at this time.


A potential workaround I would suggest is creating a segment off of all the Subject lines in your specific Flow emails . The segment will be created by adding What Someone Has Done > Received email > At least Once over All Time > Where Subject Line Equals _____ ( enter all of your subject lines for each flow message) AND Has Received email > Zero Times > Over All Time > Where Campaign name equals > _____ (enter all of your campaign names that you have sent out so far).


I suggest using the AND connector in this segment to ensure this segment is exclusive, meaning a user has to meet each segment criteria to be dynamically pulled into this segment. 


For additional information on segments, I’d check out some of our documentation and have a look around the Community!


Thanks for being a part of the Community! 



Thanks for this! You say “(enter all of your subject lines for each flow message)” — can I add multiple subject lines at one time in that single filter, or do I have to create a ton of different OR “What Someone Has Done > Received email > At least Once over All Time > Where Subject Line Equals _____ “ over and over again, like in the screenshot below? Thanks!




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Hey @escottberg 

Thanks for the followup question. You will need to use a new OR definition for each “subject line” you want to filter by. Putting it all in one line would be read as one “subject line” and would return 0 results.

Hope this helps!