Can not send test email

  • 12 May 2023
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You have reached your daily limit for test messagesPlease try again tomorrow.


I have tried to send test emails several days, but everyday i received these emails but i can send 0 emails

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Hello @hime,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

Sounds like you may have reached your preview limit. We have more details on this in our How to preview and send test emails in Klaviyo Help Center article. 

You are limited on the of preview emails you can send in a given billing cycle in Klaviyo. Free plans can send up to 100 preview emails per cycle. Paid plans, on the other hand, vary based on the total number of profiles covered by their plan, which you can see in the chart below:

Plan size

Preview email limit (per billing cycle)

Up to 5,000 profiles

1,000 preview emails

5,001 - 45,000 profiles

2,500 preview emails

45,000 - 1,000,000 profiles

10,000 preview emails

1,000,001+ profiles

25,000 preview emails


I hope this helps!