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  • 5 January 2024
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I’m working on cleaning up my properties (about to send a big bulk delete request to the support team), and before I remove any properties, I want to make sure I’m not breaking any segements.

Is there a way to check (beyond manually reviewing every segment) if a property is being used in segment logic?


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Hi @Pkirby ,

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At the current time, I don’t believe there is a way to search for profile properties at a segment level to see what is in use. I can see how that would be handy in your use case, though!

In the future, if you think you may want to perform this type of exercise again, it may be beneficial to add a tag to each of your segments with the name of the profile property being used in the segments you build, because it is possible to filter segments by tags:

Again, not a solution for your current scenario, but maybe a good idea for the future if you think you may want to track the use of profile properties in segments.

Hope this helps!

-- Ashley Ismailovski