Create a segment based on dynamic coupon code usage

  • 2 January 2024
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I have a promotion going on that gave customers who spent >$X a dynamic coupon code for a future purchase. I want to send a reminder email to everyone that received one of the custom promos code AND hasn’t used it yet. What is the best way to create that segment so I can send an email to only those who have not used their promo code yet?


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Hey there! Unfortunately, it’s not possible to perfectly segment customers by the use of dynamic coupon codes. (Here’s an explanation why.) There is a workaround, though! 


You could create a segment with the following conditions:

  • [Received email at least once over all time where the filter is for the specific campaign the code was sent with]
  • AND
  • [Opened email zero times over all time where the filter is for the specific campaign the code was sent with
  • OR
  • Placed Order zero times after the date the code was sent]


Essentially, this assumes they haven’t used the coupon because they haven’t bought anything since receiving it. This would also include customers who couldn’t have possibly used the code because they never opened the email with the code in the first place. This may not be perfectly accurate but it should get you pretty close.


We have a course that covers building a loyalty program using only Klaviyo data you might be interested in. In the short term, you might also want to consider using a flow for this process. 

Hope this helps!