Create "Country" property by "dropdown" input field

  • 14 January 2024
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Hi guys, 

I try to add Country field into the form, but I didn’t find an Input field block ready to use with all countries in the Value

Anyone know how can Country property can be add with all Values in Dropdown menu?




Best answer by stephen.trumble 16 January 2024, 19:45

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4 replies

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Hey @Radwa_elhusiny 

Thank you for reaching out for help with collecting country info from your customers.

Unfortunately a dropdown option with all countries listed is not currently available. There are a number of community members who have made a product feature request for this exact use case. I am going to add your request with the product team, as this would be incredibly helpful to so many brands. I will update you here, if and when the product team makes this available!

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Thanks Stephen, yes please keep me update


Has this issue been resolved, or do you guys have an estimated time for resolution. This is a basic feature that is indispensable for some basic segmentations. 


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Unfortunately I don’t have an update for you on where this request is in terms of prioritization. However, if you walk us through your use-case of using this property our Klaviyo Champions will definitely have some ideas for how to achieve the same or similar results!