Create sgemnet from a specific suscriber form

  • 2 April 2024
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Hi, I have a couple of new landing pages on my Shopify store, each with a subscribe form. Due to the synchronization between Shopify and Klaviyo, every subscription is added to my newsletter list. How can I create a segment for people who subscribe on each landing page?



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4 replies

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Hi @OliArce, welcome back to the community!

Are you using an embedded Klaviyo Signup Form, or a native Shopify Form (or third party theme forms) for each of those landing pages? For any Shopify native forms, see if you can use the tagging feature to tag customers for each of the different forms with a different tag, and then create a Segment where the Shopify Tags contain the specific tag. See here:


Klaviyo Signup Forms

If you are using embedded Klaviyo Signup Form, you can set your form’s $source value (or another custom property) and then build a Segment based on that value.

For example, here I’m setting the emails captured from this Form to have the field called “landing-page to “homepage” and the source to be “EMBED” (which is the name of the Form in Klaviyo):

Then you can create a Segment of People, who’s Custom Profile Property “landing-page” is “homepage” for all the “homepage” signups.

Here’s some additional documentation that might be helpful:

Hope this helps!

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So, we create this form on each landing page. I can’t add any tag. Do you suggested that I need to integrate the Shopify forms app, in order to put the tag? Or add a embed Klaviyo form?


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Hi @OliArce, in almost all situations, I would recommend a Klaviyo Signup Form (Embed) over the native Shopify forms because you have all the features of Klaviyo Signup Forms like Multi-Step Forms, A/B Testing, Analytics, and other Klaviyo Targeting capabilities. 

Even if you don’t need those featuers now, it’s good to know they are there when you do.  Unless there’s a particular reason you need to use Shopify, I would use Klaviyo to keep it all in one place.

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Thanks! Yes, I had been working with the embed form since yesterday and is working perfectly. 
Thanks for all the help!