Creating an Effective (and easy to manage) Email Preference Page

  • 19 July 2023
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I'm working on creating an easy-to-use preference page that allows customers to control their email preferences.


One idea is to include a frequency option on the preference page, where customers can choose how often they want to receive emails (e.g., once a week, once biweekly, or once per month). This will help us avoid exhausting our list and ensure we're respecting their preferences.


However, I'm facing a challenge when it comes to incorporating these preferences into our existing flows. With over 10 live flows, simply using segments won't be sufficient to include all marketing communications based on these preferences. I'm wondering if there's a more effective and practical solution that I might be overlooking.


Do you have any insights or suggestions on the most effective and easy-to-execute approach for giving customers control over their email preferences?

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Hi @stam_marko


Thanks for sharing your question with us! We’ve loved seeing you around the Community more! 


You are correct that our sending frequency segments only deal with campaigns, not automatic messages being sent through flows. I will share this with our team as a product feature request as I do understand this is a pain point that customers could receive more messages from your brand unintentionally through flows than they designate through email preference.


 While this isn’t a feature that can translate to flows at this time, a potential workaround could be excluding customers these customers from your flows entirely using a flow filter to filter out their email preference property or turning on smart sending! I wonder if any other Champions have had experience with this workaround @Kylie W, @In the Inbox, @retention ?


Thanks for participating in the Community!


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@stam_marko I understand your question all to good. Flows however are most of the times triggered by customers behavior while campaigns are more push.

Personally I feel the sending frequency preferences should therefor be applied to campaigns only or some specific email flows.

Í was thinking on ways to get this done, using segments, or tagging profiles or setting up flow filters but have not been able to get a good solution yet. The combination has a frequency and has received an email at least once in the same timeframe is what you'd need to look for.




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