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  • 2 January 2024
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Hi there! I need help please. I'm trying to create a segment of our customers who bought backpacks from us between November 25th and 31st but haven't received their orders yet. To give you some context, out of the 300 backpack orders we received, 50 remain unfulfilled. I tried to experiment, figure this out on my own but the results on Klaviyo and Shipstation just don’t match. 


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Hi @RizaM 

Thank you for posting your question in the community. Are you able to share a screenshot of the segment conditions you’ve experimented with along with how far off Klaviyo and ShipStation are? 

That said, there are going to be a number of factors that might make the segment in Klaviyo differ from Shipstation. For example:

  • Timezones between platforms - if one is set on central and another set on eastern, then the dates of orders will differ
  • Are you accounting for email opt-in? Its also possible a percentage of the list in Klaviyo have opted out or never opted in for email marketing which would make the segment in Klaviyo smaller than ShipStation
  • I assume ShipStation would account for any canceled/refunded orders while if you are simply using Placed Order to define your segment in Klaviyo, that would include canceled or refunded.

With these tips in mind, I hope it will get you closer but I would expect there will be some degree of difference between the two platforms. 

I hope this helps!

@In the Inbox 


Hi @In the Inbox! Thank you for your response! Here is a sample. Also, both platforms are set to CST. I have reviewed the emails from Shipstation, and all of them have chosen to opt in to Klaviyo.



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Hi @RizaM 

Thank you for the update and screenshot. If I understand, you only want to send to an email to someone who has not received their backpack order. My suspicion is you want to adjust the logic from “Or” to “And.” 

Ordered product at least once in the last 35 days where tags contains Backpacks, AND

Order awaiting shipment at least once in the last 3 days. 

Right now the “OR” is looking at either they bought a backpack or are waiting for shipment. In your case, you only want people who have bought a back AND waiting on shipment.

Give that a try and see if you get closer to the counts you expect for the segment.

@In the Inbox