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  • 5 October 2023
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Were currently using MailChimp where Custom properties are added to the List and them added by API by using its Merge Tag.

Are custom properties only available through profiles in Klaviyo or is it possible to have Custom properties on list, which mean the property is only linked to the specific list signup and not to the profile itself?


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Welcome to the community @KeldJ 

Could you provide more detail on what you specifically want to achieve?




In MailChimp Custom properties are linked to the List not to the profile. This means profiles are “clean” and the reference between a list and a profile contains the Custom properties. The structure of data is like below. Im unsure if the same is possible in Klaviyo. Im aware i can control it myself its just a question of structure of data.

Profile A

List A
Link To Profile A
Value of Custom Property


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Hi @KeldJ 

Thanks. It’s been a few months since I’ve used MC but it does take a different approach to contact/list structure.

In Klaviyo a profile is unique to a contact and contains a complete record of their details, metrics, events, properties, and what lists and segments they are members. A contact’s profile exists once but it can be included in many lists and segments.

Personally, I find Klaviyo’s approach to be very logical and easy to use - all a profile’s data in one place. Are you having specific issues?




Thx. for answer. We havent got any issues. Its our first approach to Klaviyo so it was just to figure out how we should structure data.

I can see it could be an issue to keep track of custom properties over time.

I we have an audience called “Subscribers with more than 20 pagevisits pr. week within category A” and we would like to have a field (PageViews1) to contain the actual number of pagevisits within the category.

If we then have another audience “Registered users with more than 10 pagevisits pr. week within category A” then we have to be sure about naming conventions so the custom field should be PageViews2


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Hi @KeldJ 

If pagevisits are sessions then the equivalent in Klaviyo is active on site.

You can create a segment (audience) as below. Just replace ‘AD Test list’ with your subscriber list. Then the same for your registered user list and with ‘active on site > 10 in the last 7 days’

I don’t believe there is a way to report active-on-site counts by segment though.

Hope that helps