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  • 5 June 2023
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I am trying to tag a customer WHILE redirecting them to their preference page.

I use this as my link:

{% update_property_link 'profile_property' 'property_value' 'redirect_link' %}

And, I want to redirect to the preference page.
So, I added the Preference_page link in the code, like this:

{% update_property_link 'LatestXP' '5' '% manage_preferences_link %' %}

(Basically asking how’s their latest order, tagging with the appropriate number and redirecting them to their preference page.)


That being said, when I send a campaign to my email (not preview!), I get this error:


This page isn’t working sent an invalid response.



1. Is it possible that I need to redirect to a specific link instead of a dynamic one?
2. Is it possible to find a static url for the preference page (even if that means that they have to fill out their email) ?

Thank you! 🙏


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5 replies

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Hey @stam_marko,


This is an interesting idea! Can you help me understand why you’re wanting to redirect people to the “manage preferences” page after they click the link that updates a custom profile property on their Klaviyo profile?


Typically, in order for this process to work, you need a functional URL to serve as the redirect link - so using a dynamic link like what’s used for the link protocol specified by '% manage_preferences_link %' isn’t recognized as valid in this case.


For my clients, I usually build a simple page on their site that says something along the lines of “thanks for updating your preferences” - it could also include a gif if that works for the brand, and you want a little more content to fill that page…


So then they click something to update information on their profile via the custom profile property link protocol, and they get confirmation of that update. That serves the purpose of giving a functional URL for this link {% update_property_link 'profile_property' 'property_value' 'redirect_link' %}  to reference in the redirect.


If you feel strongly about having them get redirected to a “manage preferences” page, you could create a custom hosted page in Klaviyo. That will give you the full URL you need in order to enable this, but it is a more involved process, that might not be worth the effort depending on your desired outcome… 





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Thank you Gabrielle and the ebusiness pros team for your reply.

Since you asked, I’m trying to combine them. The idea is that since the customer took the time to inform us about their recent purchase, they might be happy to update their preferences too! That’s my take on it, and could be totally wrong.
(the messaging in the Preferences page has been updated to fit both scenarios)

Thank you again, I’ll try to create a hosted page 😭

Thank you,

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@stam_marko it’s understandable why you’d want to make it easy for people to update their email preferences, especially after they’ve already given you feedback on their recent purchase. I’m also a big fan of making steps as close to one-click for people as possible. 


That said, this is what I would do: use the strategy I recommended above. So people would click the link that updates a custom property on their profile w/ info about their order satisfaction, and get redirected to a page that thanks them for giving you that feedback. 


THEN, as part of a follow-up flow email, you could set up a conditional split that groups people into 2 branches. One is for those who gave positive feedback, and one is for those who gave negative feedback.


Those who gave positive feedback are most likely going to be more engaged with your emails in future, so you could then send them an email that says something like “we’re so glad you were pleased with your order, and we want to respect your inbox so let us know what your email preferences are” - that enables you to give them the dynamic link to the “manage preferences” page you already setup.


As for those who give negative product feedback, you could consider a few options:

  • 1, make sure your customer service team follows up with them to see what can be done to improve their experience.
  • 2, send them a follow-up email that acknowledges their dissatisfaction and makes the same point of “we want to respect your inbox” then prompts them to unsubscribe or update their preferences.
  • 3, maybe you do both of those things!


That will help you proactively clean out disappointed/ frustrated people who would already be turning into low-engagement subscribers, and it gives you a chance to win back some of their trust by showing them you’re not going to send emails they’re not wanting to receive.


I hope this helps!


~ Gabrielle 

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Hi Gabrielle,

Thanks for that! That has been the plan from the start :) A not-so-great experience with their recent purchase is leading to customer support. A great experience leads to UGC, reviews and other inside perks.

Eventually, I created a “Thank you” hosted page, so apart from a Thank you confirmation message, they can answer, if they feel like it, an NPS question and share their birthday for an extra treat on us.

​​​​​​​Thanks again!

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Sounds like you’re off to a great start @stam_marko!


I love the “thank you” page with an opportunity to claim a birthday treat in exchange for giving you valuable data you can leverage to send them better emails. Woo!


I also may take that idea inspiration from you… so thanks back!


~ Gabrielle