Customers location messed up?

  • 18 November 2020
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We suddenly see Klaviyo totally messing up our customers profiles locations. Even if they where located in a certain country (based on their first order from us) Klaviyo changed the country in their profile based on their zip code. The zip code is also present in other countries so it seems like Klaviyo just by random changed the country for A LOT of our customers profiles. This means we cant segment on country any more since the data is not accurate.

We are awaiting response from support but need this solved ASAP: Anyone had similar issues in the past and know how to solve it?


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6 replies

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Hi @swedish-klaviyouser, thanks for posting. I wanted to check on the status here. If you’ve heard back, could you let us know if this has been resolved and any information that was passed on to you?

Typically, there are 4 ways Klaviyo updates a user’s location which are listed below:

  1. A profile's first Opened Email event (but has never purchased): Klaviyo uses IP to update timezone and location.
  2. A profile makes his/her first purchase: Klaviyo uses the billing address from the purchase event data to update location and timezone.
  3. A profile opens an email any time after making a purchase: Klaviyo will update timezone, but not location.
  4. A profile's repeat purchase events: Klaviyo uses the billing address from the purchase event data to update location and timezone.

In your case, it seems like we’re running into an issue with the updates to a profile after a person makes their purchase and the billing address not getting applied correctly or overriding the current information with incorrect information?

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Hi, received response from support today 5 days later that it was point 3, and that several different users with no connection between get detected with same IP that klaviyo detects as dutch. (netherlands).

Then it assigns the customer to a place in netherlands with the same zipcode as they have in sweden.

It sounds to me to like a bug in Klaviyos IP-geo.functionality.


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Hi @swedish-klaviyouser, thanks so much for sharing this particular experience with us on the Community. I’m sorry to hear that there was some delay in digging into this geo-location/IP issue. I see that you are already working with our team, and will be providing additional details for the impacted profiles - our Support team will respond back to your query as well.

In addition, we also have a bug ticket open with our Engineering team to evaluate this further. For others that may be experiencing similar issues, I'll provide any updates from my team on this thread. 

Thanks again for being a part of our Community, 

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I am a new customer here, and I don’t sell outside the u.s. I have s lot of new customers coming in with US billing and shipping addresses too, but klaviyo is inserting other country locations, forcing to to segment based on if recent orders exist in addition to all the other logic i need to do.

it’s unfortunate.

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@jlytle thanks for chiming onto this thread - I’m curious to understand if you mean that you have US based customers with US billing/shipping address, but Klaviyo is changing the profile property to another country? Any chance you might be able to walk me through an example (without sharing any details on customer emails/personal details)? 

Hoping I might be able to find a solution for this since it sounds like your business doesn’t operate outside of the US so I’m not sure why this would be happening. 


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Hi Cass,

The problem I was running into on my custom subscribe form at was that if I did not include a Country field in my form, when the user subscribed, it ended up creating a profile with no location data whatsoever. It said Location: unknown in the profiles list on my account. Since I am sending out an automated welcome email to to all domestic US subscribers, it became imperative that they be tied to a country. I added this field to the form for this purpose… But this is just for my custom subscribe form where the user was not recognized  for their location. The signup modals and flyouts I have installed at have not trouble recognizing where the user is located. It was just when they hit my custom subscribe form when the disconnect was happening. The Country and Region are required fields on the subscribe form now, so it can make the logic happen now. 

I have been experimenting with the custom subscribe forms, and so far I think I am close to where I want to be. I just need to get the manage preferences pages to lookup the custom fields I have introduced in my subscribe page. The fields in the Subscribe page all input data, but it is only the First Name, Last Name, and email that are remembered in the lookup of the prefernces page.