Do I need new consents when moving from one ESP to another?

  • 14 August 2023
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I am looking for a confirmation regarding the potential need of requiring a new consent when moving contacts from one ESP to another. What is the process exactly? Once I upload an audience into a new ESP, should I or should not sent these contacts a new sign-up form, since they will now start receiving communication from another platform?

Thank you for clarifying this point to me 🙏🏻


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3 replies

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Hi @Grungina ,

Welcome to the Community! This is a great question about migrating subscribers from another platform into Klaviyo. 

You are not required to get your email subscribers consent again when you are moving platforms, but you definitely want to make sure that those who were previously unsubscribed remain that way in your new Klaviyo account. 

There is an awesome Help Center article about this here: How to migrate existing email subscribers (and unsubscribes) into Klaviyo.

Depending on whether you will be migrating to Klaviyo via a direct integration, or you will be manually uploading contacts from a CSV, the article above is a great guide for how you can carry over your existing email subscribers (and unsubscribes) into Klaviyo successfully in each case.


Hope this helps! 

-- Ashley Ismailovski

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Ashley, thank you so much for your prompt reply, I will read this article to know more about the topic. Sometimes the process seems unclear but your words have helped and gave me a practical guidance, thanks!

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@Grungina Happy to help! Feel free to reach back out to the Community here should you need any further assistance 😊