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Does Klaviyo automatically remove duplicate profiles when combining lists?

  • 8 October 2021
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hi all - quick question for you: When combining a few different lists into one list - whether it's manually uploading them or just adding them to a campaign - does klaviyo automatically remove duplicates?


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Hi @scoperta - welcome to the community! 

So, just to be specific, an email address can belong to zero, one or multiple Lists - but in Klaviyo, they exist as a single Profile (you can’t have multiple Profiles with the same email address unless you use a separate ID for Profiles). 

When you add multiple Lists to a Campaign, they are automatically “de-duplicated” from that Campaign (they only get the email once from that Campaign).

If you however, send the same Campaign as separate Campaigns (each to a different List) - Klaviyo won’t de-duplicate it in that case since it doesn’t know how two or more Campaigns are related to each other (or not).  You can use the Exclude Lists (to make sure they are not duplicated) from each other or turn on Smart Sending on subsequent Lists to keep things mutually exclusive.

Hope this helps!




I have a list of brand ambassadors in Klaviyo.


I manually have to export them all monthly from my website and import them into Klaviyo.


The import list will include ALL contacts (previously imported into that list).


What happens when I try and import them again?



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Hi there @CharBar93


As long as the email addresses are the same for the existing brand ambassadors profiles in Klaviyo, then no duplicate profiles will be created. New profiles are created in a .CSV upload only when there is no existing email addresses that matches the profile. So if you have 10 email addresses of existing brand ambassadors in Klaviyo, and you ensure that they match what already exists, but have 2 new email addresses of net-new brand ambassadors added, only 2 new profiles will be created. 


I’d check out this similar post to gain more insight! 


Thanks for participating in the Community!


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Hi Guys, 

Can you have profiles with the same mobile number? 

Let me know! thanks :) 

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Hi @AliceC,

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Yes, it’s possible to have multiple profiles with the same mobile number. However, if you include these users in the same campaign send, for example, users with the same number will be skipped with the reason of “duplicate phone number”.

I hope that’s helpful.