Duplicated profiles - Prestashop integration

  • 17 June 2021
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We are currently testing klaviyo ! So far the platform is really good and cool.

We have somes questions :

  • Our older customer (more than 90 days) are not synchronized (profile not created). Do we need to import them ourself ?
  • When a customer change his email address from his profile a new profile is created and the old one is not updated. It doesn’t seems right. Can you clarify us theses situations ?

Thanks a lot

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3 replies

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Hello @Morbak,

Thank you for your response.

With respect to your data sync, if you still aren’t seeing all of your data sync over, I first recommend completely removing the Prestashop integration and re-integrating following our guide. This process will not corrupt or delete any data. After removing the integration and re-integrating, wait another few days to allow this data to sync over. If you are still having trouble after this process, I recommend reaching out to support to dig into the integration issues further.

Understood, thank you for clarifying the second issue. Since the email address is the unique identifier for a profile in Klaviyo, an update outside of the Klaviyo platform with a net-new email address would not necessarily override the original profile. This is something we will discuss internally to see if we can change this behavior in the future.

With that said, the workaround solution is to merge the profiles together in Klaviyo into a single master profile. Alternatively, if it’s possible to disable the ability to update the email address in Prestashop, you can disable this feature and then allow customers to request to have their email address updated. When a request comes in, you can manually update their email address on their profile in Klaviyo to the new email address. To edit an email address, click on the blue “Edit” text next to the Contact section of a profile, you can then click into the email address in the modal to edit it.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

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Hello @dov.derin 


Thanks for the quick answer. 

I’ve forgot to say that our test env is really small (26 customers and 58 orders) ! I don’t think it’ll take days to sync :)


Concerning the seconde “problem”, when a customer change his email address from the profil page 


profil page


the addon provided by klavyio for prestashop doesn’t update the existing contact and create a new contact instead !

The beahvior doesn’t seems normal. am I wrong ?

Thanks for the help ! :)

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Hello @Morbak,

Thank you for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community.

Glad to hear you have been enjoying your experience with Klaviyo so far!

When you first integrate with PrestaShop, Klaviyo will sync the last 90 days of your data so you can start engaging your most recent customers right away. After the sync of your most recent 90 days of data, Klaviyo will begin your complete historical data sync.  Depending on how many orders, customers, and products your store has, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to several days to sync all of your data.

With respect to your second point, is this a change made in their account settings which is then reflected in the Prestashop admin? If not, can you clarify where/how the customer is updating this email address?