Emails Bouncing that worked last week

  • 15 November 2021
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I send a regular weekly email to my sales team - all internal addresses. Every week we get 100% delivery success, until today when only 7 of 58 emails were delivered. Nothing changed, so I don’t have. a clue how to resolve this issues.


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Hey @CentralMarketing 

Great question regarding the deliverability of your last email sent to your internal team. Happy to help with why your email didn’t send to your entire list. 

Is this email part of a flow or a campaign that is sent to your team? You can check the recipient activity of a campaign  to find out the various reasons why the emails were skipped. There are a number of solutions depending on the root cause for your emails to not be delivered. You can find the activity in your campaign dashboard by clicking into the campaign and selecting Recipient Activity at the top. 

The article I included adds more insight to each category. Also if you are noticing that the emails were bounced, this article covers how to check your bounced metrics and includes links to other articles on how to correct the issue. Once you have determined the root cause and make any necessary changes, you can resend your campaign to those that were skipped too. Check out this other community post about campaign deliverability.

Each article I have included has some repeated content but also has unique information not included in others, please read each of them thoroughly as together they will help you solve this issue. Hope this helps get you back on track. Thank you so much for being part of the Klaviyo Community!