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  • 12 December 2023
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I don’t think is possible but having racked my brains for days over this I thought I’d ask in here in case any one has any ideas…..

I use Recharge to manage my monthly subscription and its integrated with Klaviyo. I charge on the 1st of the month. Customers can skip a month whenever they want to want to. When they do, I would like to send them an email confirming that they have skipped and when their next charge date will be.

Recharge sends a custom property to Klaviyo called next charge date that contains the next charge date.  As at today, for un-skipped customers next charge date = 1st Jan 2024. For skipped customers, it could be any 1st of the month date in the future (i.e. 1st Feb 2024 or maybe 1st May 2024) depending on the number of consecutive months they have skipped.

On the first of each month, if a customer hasn’t already skipped ahead to a future month, next charge date will update as Recharge generates the new next charge date. So on 1st Jan 2024 Recharge processes the charge, generates the next one, sends this to Klaviyo and next charge date = 1st Feb 2024

Customers could skip a month, then return for a month, then skip the next month so they need to be able to go through this process multiple times.

The only thing I have close to working is the following:

Using a campaign sending to all subscribers, excluding those on a segment containing subscribers who’s next charge date is in the next 31 days (as its a 31 day month). This works kind of but only for the first time they skip and only for a month at a time. This is my workaround solution and means each month I have to recreate the campaign and segments.

Its not very elegant, and I can’t help feeling there must be a better way.

If I look at the next charge date property and evaluate it, if its ever more than 1 month in the future, I know the customer has skipped the next month.

At the point when next charge date is not in the next month I want to trigger the email.

Thanks for reading this far, and if you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them. Have at it!




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Hi @MB17, welcome to the community.  

So this is a pretty interesting challenge.  I think you can accomplish this by using a “date property triggered” Flow with a Flow Filter for someone who did not place an order within 31 days.  

So basically, X days before the next charge date (as set by Recharge), the Flow is triggered. Then you check (via a Flow Filter, or a Conditional Split) that they have not made a purchase within 31 days.  If they have, then they go to the “no” path where they get no emails and exit the Flow.  Otherwise, they get the email with the Skip Confirmation messaging and the date of their next bill.  Because this is a “Date Triggered” Flow, it will continue to happen in the future so long as Recharge keeps updating the date property.  

Give that a try and let us know if it works!




Thanks for your reply. I had looked at date triggers, and use them elsewhere, but I think my explanation above is flawed or at least my solution was, and that may mean your suggestion doesn’t do what I need it to do.

If I’ve understood it correctly, this would send the email but not at the point in time the customer skipped.

Next charge date = 1st FEB 2024

Flow starts 1st JAN 2024

Conditional split = Order Product at least once in last 31 days

  • Yes means they didn’t skip
  • No means they did, so they get the email

So this would work, but retrospectively whereas I want the skip confirmation to go out immediately following the change to the next charge date.

I realised my original solution doesn’t do what I expected it to do either. It performed at a  point in time. This was my misunderstanding about campaigns vs flows.

I’ve re-done it much more simply as a flow. If the next charge date is after 1st of the upcoming month (1st Jan 2024 currently) then you are added to a segment which triggers the flow to send the email.

This does exactly what I need it to do. Every time the next charge date property is changed (i.e. when a customer skips) the email is sent. I realise I need to figure out a solution for the new month when all next charge dates change but I’ll get to that.

However, I still have to re-do the whole thing each month and what I really want is an evergreen flow that I can set off and forget about.

The segment works I think. As customers come back after skipping a month (i.e. their next charge date approaches and it is within one month) they will drop out of the segment. If at a later date they skip again, they will be part of the segment.

The issue is whether they will go through the flow again. As far as I can tell from my reading is that they wont.

Thanks again if you’ve this far! Even if nobody responds its quite useful to just to think it through like this so it can be written down.