Excluding people from a flow based on their nationality

  • 11 October 2023
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Hey there.

So my client sells jewlery on the french market, but a few people from oversize purchase her products sometimes.

Probably 1 or 2% of them.

How can I exclude from my welcome series the non french people to make sure they don’t receive our french emails marketing ?

Do I need to create a segment ? Is this really accurate ?
If yes, would you recommande to create a segment based on their IP adress or location ? 




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2 replies

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Hi @Steve0603,

This article from Klaviyo might be useful, it provides the approach to Segment your audience based on their location and a custom profile property of their preferred language.

I would also add to that you may want to consisder putting something in the email footer (and website) to let them know they can manage their preferences to update or switch their preferred language.  


Joseph Hsieh // // twitter: @retenion 


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Thanks @retention 

I need to send my welcome series only to french speaker.

What can I add in my conditional split to make sure only them receive it and non french speaker don’t receive it ?

Thanks a lot.