Excluding unengaged MPP users from campaigns

  • 7 June 2023
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Hello Klaviyo community,

We’re currently doing some segment updates regarding the MPP users.

My question: instead of removing all MPP users from our engaged segments (which causes quite a drop in numbers), would it be an option to create a segment from unengaged MPP users & exclude those from campaigns?

Anything I’m missing in this logic?

Thanks in advance!


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3 replies

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Hello @PJ_Saluton,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

You’re not missing anything in your logic at all. In fact, we actually suggest just that - identifying unengaged MPP openers and excluding them from your campaign sends.

We mention this strategy and offer a segment example in our How to identify iOS15 Mail Privacy Protection opens Help Center article:

Identify unengaged MPP openers 

Use the segment below to identify profiles with Apple Privacy opens who have not directly engaged with your messages recently (either by opening an email on device without MPP, or by clicking an email on any device). Consider excluding this segment from your campaign sends. 


Great observations!



Hello @David To ,

Thank you for your response!

Great to hear I didn’t miss anything :)

So If I understand correctly: Removing MPP openers from your engaged segment does exactly the same thing as setting up a separate unengaged MPP openers segment & excluding those from your campaigns?

Kind regards,


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Hey @PJ_Saluton,

Not exactly. If you’re removing MPP openers from your engaged segment, you’re removing all MPP opens. 

Whereas, setting up a separate unengaged MPP openers segment and then excluding them from your campaigns; you’re only removing those profiles that have MPP opens and are unengaged (have not opened or clicked an email). This means, those users who have engaged with your emails recently despite having MPP opens, they would still be included in your campaign.