Exit profiles that that requested a refund Shopify

  • 23 January 2023
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Is there a way make profiles exit a flow if they have requested a refund from your Shopify store? 



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Hi @PhilipLOOW,

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Indeed, Klaviyo receives a Refunded Order metric from Shopify. This event is tracked when a customer completes the checkout process in your Shopify store and a payment is made, but the customer requests the payment to be returned. Klaviyo only receives events from fully refunded orders (not partially refunded orders). You can read more about this in our documentation here.

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Hi @michnads


Thanks for your question! 


At this time, Klaviyo only receives the Refunded Order event from Shopify when the order is fully refunded. Klaviyo can track partial fulfillments, but the platform doesn't have visibility into partial refunds. 

If your team really needed to track partial refunds, the best option would be to send this data as a custom event to Klaviyo using our Track API. It should be noted that this would require some additional developer resources on your end, but it would also afford you with the most flexibility to define your event and data structure. 


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Is there a way that Klaviyo can send an email notification to a customer with a “Partially Refunded” order?