Extra profiles mystery for a non ecommerce website

  • 27 September 2023
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In the last month I’ve built an email list in Klaviyo from 0. This is for a local restaurant that only has menu’s on their website. There is no way to make a purchase, put something in a cart and abandon it, etc. All you can do on their website is view menus (cannot book online, cannot click to call, etc.). The only way for me to collect emails is through the opt in form. 

My understanding is that in order for these profiles to be getting to this account is by typing it in the opt in page? Yet I’m still getting about half the profiles that have the yellow icon that says, “Never Subscribed!” … 

I’ve already looked this up in the community and through klaviyo support, and the explanation is: when people interact with the site, but do not opt in (so they add to cart and abandon cart, etc.) you get these profiles from that.

But on this restaurant’s site there is no cart. No shopping is possible. There is only one place to put your email and it is on the opt in page. The only other thing users can do on here is view lunch, dinner, & drink menus. No purchases are possible on the site. No reservations, no calls, nothing.


Please help me understand where these profiles might be coming from? 


Please note I’ve already read through this and feel that it doesn’t specify for non ecommerce sites like this restaurant.






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4 replies

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Hey there! Do you have anything integrated with Klaviyo currently? Any prior email marketing platforms, Squarespace, Typeform - anything linked with Klaviyo like their current website?

Typically those ‘floating’ profiles are ones that are in your account so that you can clearly see your full profiles list but they may have not technically subscribed like you mentioned.

But if a 3rd party app or website is synced and integrated, it may bring over all historical data into Klaviyo alongside those profiles. 

Also is there any profile property data stored for these contacts? That can help key into what brought them over as well!

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Hi there, 

Thank you for your response. Yes, this website is with squarespace which is what the Klaviyo opt-in is linked to. Thank you for that clarifying point! I guess when I first started the opt in, no profiles came along with it, which is why I didn’t get it notice. Because I still don’t know how they would provide their email on squarespage prior to my klaviyo opt in since it is only menus. Unless they sent an email to the restaurant contact page perhaps? 

Since they’ve not opted I cannot send them a sunset flow, right?

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Hi there @Hkeen312


Great troubleshooting so far and congrats to building your list from 0. A great accomplishment! 


Additionally, to @Spark Bridge Digital LLC ‘s great troubleshooting tips, do you mind sharing if your List connected to your Klaviyo form is set to double opt-in ? If so, this might make sense why only half the users who signed up via your form are on your list, and the other half have the ‘never subscribed’ consent status,  yet are in your account as an active profile. Even if a user fills out the form, but doesn’t confirm their consent to be added to your list as a second time, they won’t be added to your list. This is considered best practice to ensure good deliverability practices and list hygiene! 


Great job so far, and hope this helps!


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Thank you very much, Taylor. It is just a single opt in form.

What are the best practices to do with these profiles if they take up space in the Business’s payment plan?