Feature Request - Bulk Upload Email Addresses for List Suppressions

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We currently manage our subscriptions using lists which matches our ERP (backend) application.

We continuously clean our lists as much as once per fortnight, and its usually (consistently) around five lists.

Out largest one, on average, has 25 suppressions. This means for this list alone, we’re copy/pasting 25 email addresses (times) to add them.

Multiplied by 5.

While this doesn’t really take a long time, it can get a bit tedious. And distractions could cause us to miss an email address, which means we could violate anti-spam legislation (New Zealand) if a customer complained (unlikely to happen, but hey, human error).

Long story short, I was wondering if you had in your roadmap, or if you could add to your roadmap, a feature where email addresses could be bulk uploaded to list suppressions (like you can for suppressed profiles).

FYI - the reason we don’t bulk upload to suppressed profiles is because a customer can choose to be on one or more lists, so if he/she decides to unsubscribed from one list, we don’t want to exclude a customer from others if is one more than one.


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Hi @kellydoull76


Welcome to the Community! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! 


I can definitely add this as a feature request on your behalf! 


Let me ask around with my fellow experts to see if there is any possible workaround for you in the mean time! 


Thanks for participating in the Community!


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@kellydoull76 do you know you could use the webhooks for this and that you can use the API to automate this as well?


I hope these help

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@Omar - yes, we were aware of the APIs. It was one of the reasons we decided to use Klaviyo.

This will improve our business and system processes considerably and mean we are always in line with our legislation.

Unfortunately we have an incredibly small IT team (there’s only two of us), so this is on our roadmap but not likely to happen anytime soon.


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@kellydoull76 might I suggest for you to take a look at Postman. I think you can easily have a script where you only paste the email addresses and run the suppress with the click of 1 button.