Fetch admin profile URL from API?

  • 25 October 2022
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Is there a way to fetch the Klaviyo Admin Url for a customer profile from the API?

It seems the format is something like:{id}/{first_name}-{last_name}

But with different handling for when there’s no first name or last name (uses email if both null), and with normalization of characters in name.  Just going to{id} gives a 404 (odd, you think it would redirect since ID is unique).

I would like to be able to pull the admin url from the API, reliably.

Context:  In our own CRM, we want to put links to user profiles in various resources:  Shopify, Klaviyo, Gorgias, etc.  But we cannot reliably find or build such a link for Klaviyo at the moment.


The closest I’ve found is\[profile\]=email,first_name,last_name&filter=equals%28email%2C%22{email}%22%29 and then building with id, first, and last — but as I mentioned fields can be null and I’m sure I’ll miss some edge case handling, normalization logic, or it will change, etc.


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4 replies

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Hi @Daveken and welcome to the Community!


I’m going to request some information from our engineering team on this topic and update the thread as soon as I hear back. In the meantime, have you used or referenced any documentation from our Developer Portal during your attempts at building this link?


If you have used any of our documents/resources, it would be great if you could provide them so I can gain some further context on the issue!


I’ll update the thread soon and thanks for using the Community!


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Hi @Daveken,


After reaching out to the engineering team, I can only confirm that there’s currently no supported way to build a consistent, reliable link beyond what you’ve already provided in your attempt.


However, I will certainly create a request to our Product Team on your behalf, as I agree that this would be a useful addition to the product.


Thanks again for being a Community member!





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Thank you.  We’ve settled for link that goes to search with email as the query parameter.


Just wanted to +1 a request for profile links - in my use case, the ability to reference it within a flow would be most helpful (maybe via a person|lookup).