Finding Common Attributes Between Profiles That Converted

  • 19 February 2024
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I’d like to analyse my previous campaigns and see what attributes/properties the profiles that converted (and also those that didn’t convert) have in common, so that I can create better segments for my future campaigns. I know I can do this manually, but does anyone know of any easier methods or third party tools to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!


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5 replies

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Hey @MilanB! To make sure I’m understanding you correctly, can you give me an example? 


Hey @MilanB! To make sure I’m understanding you correctly, can you give me an example? 

Hi Kaila
For example, let’s say I have 5,000 profiles that converted from my previous campaigns. I’d like to find the common attributes between these profiles so that I can make better segments for my campaigns. 
Below is a hypothetical output of this analysis just so you know what I mean:
Based on the analysis of past 5,000 profiles that converted, their common attributes might be:
-Mainly returning customers
-Mainly living in the East Coast USA
-Have previously opened more than 10 emails
-Have abandoned cart more than 2x in the past 90 days

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Oooh, fabulous question. Of course, you could do this manually, but automated? Hmm. I don’t know of any tools the off the top of my head but let me loop in some of our Champions who might have some ideas for you: @Akers Digital @ebusiness pros @KatherineB @Ashley I. 

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Hey @MilanB great question! 

There are a few third-party tools that may achieve what you’re after. Omniconvert Reveal lets you put users in buckets based on RFM metrics and syncs those audiences to Klaviyo. 

Peel Insights analyzes data for what drives LTV 

Lifetimely is another LTV app and also shows which marketing efforts and driving or reducing LTV. 

Hope any of these solutions help!

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This is a great idea, and something I wish was easier to accomplish in Klaviyo without manual work!



@Omar has special expertise in Customer Value Optimization, and will likely have relevant insights he could share to help you accomplish this…