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  • 30 November 2023
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Hi Folks,
New here and would really appreciate some advice on how to best track Memberships in Klaviyo.

I'm trying to track club memberships for both adult and kids categories. I use GoCardless for payments, and I want to distinguish between those on a free trial, active paying members, and inactive members.

When exploring my options, I initially created tag groups but then quickly realised it doesn’t appear you can apply tags to profiles and only lists, segments or campaigns.

So instead of tags, I'm exploring the use of perhaps custom properties.

The workflow is this..
Free Trial - Person signs up via form for free trial to gym / club and gets added to a List.

Active Member - Person signs up GoCardless form, I use Zapier to add them to a List.

Inactive Member - Person cancels GoCardless, I use Zapier to tag them.
So, now using Klaviyo, any advice or tips on setting this up would be greatly appreciated! Not 100% sure if using custom properties will be the best solution or if I should have different Lists?

Thanks in advance!


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HI @TokyoChamp  thanks for posting in the Klaviyo  Community - great question! And it sounds like you have a good understanding of how Klaviyo works. 

I think the custom properties are a great way to distinguish your different types of customers. You can actually create a flow to update the custom profile property of people who enter a list. 

For example:

Trigger: Joins list ABC
Delay: 1 minute
→ Profile Property Update

→ Create new property 

→ Membership type (as an example) TEXT 

→ Free trial/Active/Cancelled or however you want to classify those people. 



Hi @KatherineB 

Thank you so much for the prompt reply.

This makes perfect sense, and it’s exactly what I had in my head. I have tested this now and it worked great.

The only question left is would you suggest / recommend I create two lists (one for free trials) and one for members (active or inactive memberships) or create one global list? What would be the most optimal approach long term? 
I have noticed I can create conditional splits in the flow as well, so could have two properties

→ Membership type (Active/Cancelled)

→ Sale Status: Free Trial / Signed up

Or would this be too much confusion and like you suggest one global list with → Membership type; with the three labels (free trial, active, cancelled) to create segments.

Thank you!

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Hi @TokyoChamp there are benefits to both. If you have one global list, it is easier to see overall list growth and degradation, however, if you are using the lists as the trigger to join the flow and add the profile property update, then this method wouldn’t work, so I would suggest having 2 separate lists - one for free trials and one for active members as you suggested, where the profile property is “membership type” with the value either active or cancelled. 


Good luck!



Hi @KatherineB 

Thank you again for the prompt and detailed response.

In your message, you mentioned ‘ if you are using the lists as the trigger to join the flow and add the profile property update - then this method wouldn’t work

Therefore, may I please clarify something, what IF I don’t use flows to actually add the profile property update, would this then work OK for one global list?

For example; I’m thinking about using my integrations to add the profile property update.

  1. When the new person (Never subscribed) completes the free trial form, the integration adds the person to the ‘one global list’ and updates profile property: Free Trial.
  2. When the same Person signs up using the GoCardless, the Zapier integration search or adds the person to the same ‘one global list’ and updates profile property: Active Member.
  3. When the same Person cancels the GoCardless membership, the Zapier integration search or adds the person to the same ‘one global list’ and updates profile property: Inactive Member

Is my theory correct here? Do profiles work off e-mail address? As in, you can’t have the same e-mail address in different profiles? I’m assuming here if the person already has a profile, it will just update the current profile with the new custom property value.

As a result, if this is OK, I could then potentially use Flows with Filters?

  • Trigger: Added to Member List with property = Free Trial
  • Trigger: Added to Member List with property = Active Member
  • Trigger: Added to Member List with property = Inactive Member

Please let me know if I’m on the right track here, and you believe this will work?

And also, if you can confirm profiles are based off an e-mail address alone or name and e-mail address? The reason I ask is, so I can work out how to balance both Adult & Kids Memberships (as adults might use the same email address for their kids account)

Thank you so much for your time and assistance. Very much appreciated.