Having trouble uploading new emails from spreadsheet?

  • 1 February 2022
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I need someone’s help. I have a list of emails in a spreadsheet I need to add to our email subscribers, but somehow it won’t upload due to there being columns present. The thing is - there are no extra columns. 

I deleted all extra columns and rows, converted the spreadsheet to a CSV, even moved it over a new spreadsheet and downloaded it as a CSV. Opened the downloaded version and turned that into a csv from Numbers on Mac. What am I doing wrong? 

Nothing seems to be working.


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Hi @gcmarketing,

Thank you for sharing this question with us in the community.

I just want to double-check that we’re on the same page, you should be removing the columns entirely (not just the cell data) so the .csv should look like the following before and after the column removal:



I also recommend reviewing my colleague @Julia.LiMarzi’s post below which contains a few additional troubleshooting steps in the comments in addition to a link to our guide on troubleshooting list imports.

If you are still having trouble after exhausting the aforementioned solutions, I recommend reaching out to our support team so they can have a closer look at your .csv file and provide further recommendations. If any of these suggestions resolved the issue, we’d appreciate it if you let us know that as well :) 

Thanks for being a member of our community.