How can I effectively segment my lists for category page viewers?

  • 26 September 2022
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Im looking for advice on how to effectively segment my lists - 

I have  a store that sells kimonos and jewellery. I have created segments for people who have viewed product or bought product from each category. However I have the issue of people coming onto the website and viewing the category page but not viewing a specific product meaning they dont get segmented. Now as far as I can tell, I can create a rule to segment for viewed product contains xyz but I cannot create a rule for viewed category page. 

I should also mention that they are being subscribed to a single main list and then being segmented from that list. 

One solution I have is if i want to send a newsletter about kimonos, I can send to my list and then exclude jewellery buyers/ viewers. However, the issue with this is that I have people who still come onto the jewellery category but dont view products, and thus dont get segmented. So then these people still end up recieving my kimono newsletter when they arent interested. (Also the issue of people viewing both categories!) 

I could send the newesletter to only kimono product viewers/buyers, but I miss out on the customers who only viewed my category! Bit of a catch 22 


Is there a more effective way to get around this issue? What I really need is to segment to people when url contains /jewellery or /kimono, but as far as I can tell I cannot segment by url. 


This also leads on to my welcome flow - people sign up and recieve my generic welcome series, but I want them to have speficic flows for jewellery/kimonos. Again, I can create a conditional split where if viewed product contains xyz then split - but for those that havent viewed a product (and only viewed a category page), is there a way to also split for these people? 


Thanks and hope this makes sense. I guess essentially the issue is how do you segment for people who have just viewed a category page only… 


I am aware that I can use custom code to talk to klayvios API, but I am not that savvy and would much prefer it if there was some clever sementation tactic that I could employ as opposed to having to write custom code. ( Although if this really is the reccomended solution then I can put some time in to figure it out or hire a web developer)  



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Hi @armedandgorgeous


Love the strategy behind this thought! Happy to enter in here and help!


You’re correct, the only way to segment by URL is to create a custom viewed page metric. However, I do think there are some things we can try without having to custom code this metric. Let’s see what we can come up with here! 


For instance, you can create a segment of users who are in your list, but not in either of your segments that include users who have viewed and/or bought kimonos OR jewelry and then send them a newsletter asking them to choose what they’re interested in. You could set up these choices (either kimonos, jewelry or both) as buttons with a link embedded in the button that would then attach a property to their profile depending on the button they clicked. Then, you can then include this profile property in the product specific segments you’ve already created by adding in whether or not a user has this product-specific profile property. 


Additionally, you could also add a flyout form  on the product category that  would ask users on this page what products they’re specifically interested in  so they don’t miss any discounts or upcoming sales. 


Hope this helps!


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Im liking the sound of this Taylor!

So they can click a button and I can have it so it puts them in the ‘Jewellery Viewers’ segment for example? and it sends them to a thank you page or something right?


And then with my welcome flow - shall I make 3 welcome flows and have one for jewellery - so anyone who enters jewellery viewers or buyers they get a specific flow and same for kimonos, and then for non segmented people they get a generic ‘what are you interested in’ sort of welcome flow. Then as soon as they enter one segment implement a rule that says if they are in x or y segment take them off the flow? 


So also lets say in each of the flows the first welcome email says something pretty similar each time - is there a way that if they open email 1 in generic flow and click jewellery - they can bypass email 1 in the jewellery flow - as both emails are probably going to be fairly similar and i dont want to say hi to them twice?