How can I remove a tag to a single contact

  • 18 December 2020
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I have a main list including contacts with a tag « english » (anglophone people). Someone speaking french has been mistakenly tagged with english. I would like to remove the tag so that he can stay within the main list and receive our emails in french. 

I don’t see an option anywhere. The only thing I’m able to do would be to plain simple delete the contact and manually re-add it to the main list, without the tag. It’s not optimal though, is there any other way to simply remove the tag to that contact?  


Thanks for your help! 


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4 replies

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Hey @marielvb

Building off of what @k.mcevoy mentioned regarding the segment definition, since it appears this particular contact is being caught by this segment of “TAG ANGLAIS” it would mean some rule within the segment is still capturing this contact despite already adjusting this contact’s custom profile property and causing this confusion.


Segments are dynamic groupings of profiles/contacts that are placed into these segments so long as they meet the segment rules. One thing to try after evaluating those segment rules to make sure they are accurate would be to also manually “Update settings” to refresh the segment and have it run through again. You can do so by navigating to your segment > Edit Definition > Update Segment at the bottom. 



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@marielvb  Hi Marie, 


Would you mind letting me know the definition of the Segment the profile is still appearing in? Is there anything else in the definition that could have also included the profile? 



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Hi there, thanks for your help!

I did exactly what you suggested but the contact is still appearing within the TAG ANGLAIS. I want to keep it in the main list (Infolettre SH) but not in the TAG ANGLAIS. 

Any other way to proceed? Thanks, appreciate your help!




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Hey there, 


Thanks for contributing to the Community! You should be able to delete a custom property from a profile by selecting the red x to the right of the profile name: 


This should allow you to keep the profile record itself but remove the specific property. 


Thanks again for being apart of the Community!