How can I target Shopify gift card purchasers?

  • 8 December 2022
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We are planning to run a gift card promotion where customers receive a bonus discount with the purchase of different denominations of gift cards. I’m trying to establish a flow that will send an automatic discount to anyone who purchases a gift card between a specific date range (promotion window).

I’ve tried configuring trigger splits the following ways but either receive a Network Error when I enter the Shopify Gift Card product ID, or I’m not able to select gift cards as the specific product trigger.

  • Trigger: Ordered Product > Trigger Filter: ProductID equals [Gift Card ID]
  • Trigger: Placed Order > Flow Filter: Someone has ordered product where Product ID equals [Gift Card ID] between promotion window dates
  • Trigger: Placed Order > Trigger Filter: Items contains [Digital Gift Card - not available as an option in Klaviyo, while all my other products are]

Is there a reason why Klaviyo does not recognize Shopify gift cards as a product? Is there any workaround for this? Thank you!





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Hi @DEEPS_team, welcome to the community.

All of your Trigger and Conditions examples seems normal to me - so it’s a bit puzzling. As a preference, I would use the “Ordered Product” since you should get a “clean” event for each item that’s ordered.  Have you also tried using the “Product Name” or “Item Name?” - maybe it’s glitching on the ID. 

Another work around is to see if you can build a Segment with the same rules.  If you can do it as a Segment, then the logic/rule should work in a Flow as well.  So build a Segment of people who purchased the Gift Card (Product ID) within those dates.  Alternatively, you can try using that Segment as a Segment Triggered Flow instead - though there are some limitations to Segment Triggered Flows where a user can only go through it once (so if someone bought two Gift Cards, it won’t work).  

This is a silly question, but when I see “Network Error” it is typically when I’ve switched from one Klaviyo Account to another in say a separate tab or window, forgot and tried to work in another account at the same time.  Are you logged into the correct account?