How do I add brackets or limitations to OR statements in Segment builder?

  • 23 June 2023
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This is a segment I built:

I only want to include leads who have engaged with our content - but because I am selecting people who opened an email “OR” clicked an SMS I am ending up with people who are Active Clients that have also clicked on an SMS.

Is there a way to Bracket the AND/OR statements so I can do something like (Opened OR Clicked) AND not a Client?

the way the OR statement is attached to the previous condition makes it look like it is connected and might be written like that - but it is not.



This is another use case where being able to edit the fields shown when looking at a segment list would be super helpful where I’d be able to see at a glance if the segment is including/excluding the right people without having to guess and hope that my random spot-checking individual records stumbles onto a key record indicating if Active clients are in the list or not.


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Hello @dgibbs,

Based on how your segment is setup, the logic should actually be anyone who has opened an email in the last 30-days AND/OR clicked a SMS AND whose active account property is not set would be captured. 

Users whose active account property is set and has either opened an email AND/OR clicked an SMS should not be captured by this segment, Essentially any profile whose active account property is set would not be captured by this segment at all. 

For those profiles being captured by the segment, I would suggest reviewing their profile and their active account property. In my experience, this sort of behavior may be caused by having a space (“ “) value - which is different than a null/not set value.