How do I clear a suspicious tag on an email so it stops skipping

  • 19 May 2021
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We have a very good customer who’s email has been flagged as suspicious email so has continued to be skipped since March. How do I clear the “suspicious email” tag on her profile?? She isn’t receiving anything from us including abandoned cart and thank you emails.


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7 replies

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Hello @Karin,

Thank you for sharing that information with the Klaviyo Community. I understand this can be frustrating, but I am happy to provide some assistance.

Suspicious emails are email addresses that have hard bounced at least once across the Klaviyo infrastructure even if they have never hard bounced in your account. While you cannot unblock a suspicious email yourself, our support team can unblock a suspicious email address for you. The quickest way to get this resolved would be reaching out to support with the subject “Remove Suspicious Email” and provide screenshots of a recent email correspondence (thread) with the email address in question within your request. Once the team has screenshots of this email address sending/receiving email, they can remove the suspicious status which will allow the email address to receive email again.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.


Givin we can no longer email Klaviyo how are we meant to fix this now.

I had a customer that made a typo in her email which bounced, that has now been fixed and removed the supression flag, and her welcome email sent and she opened. But I just send an EDM and it’s been tagged as suspicious - there’s nothing more I can see that I can do from my end?


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Hi @sunno9,

Thanks for your note.

I have created a ticket on your behalf and a member of our support team will investigate this for you.


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Hi @sunno9,

It appears that a member of our team was able to resolve this for you.

Thanks for being a community member.



Hello @Dov 

I am having this exact same issue. Do I need to start a new thread to get it resolved or is there another way without support?


Hi there, I have a similar issue. The link you provided only gives me the option to explore support resources or to contact “”. Is that the correct person to resolve this?


Thank youi!

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Hey @HF Designs! If you are on a free account, you won’t have access to Support after your first 60 days. In this instance I can open a ticket on your behalf. Please make sure you’ve prepared screenshots of 1-1 email communications between you and the email address in question you want cleared from suspicious status.


You should hear from them shortly!